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Crown Lands CA

Wayward Flyers Vol. 1 - Whirlpool LP

Limited to 550 units

10" 45 RPM vinyl featuring a limited edition "Whirlpool" coloured disc.

Wayward Flyers Volume 1 showcases Crown Lands artistic versatility with four stripped back original songs, and a cover of Neil Young’s “Birds”. The Ep includes “Howlin Back Again”, which is an acoustic take on “Howlin’ Back”, the second song released in early May from Crown Lands upcoming debut album coming this summer.

“This EP is another side of Crown Lands. A side we haven’t shown before! We wanted to get in touch with the core of our song writing through this record. Tom Petty once said that ‘most any good song, you can sit down and deliver it with a piano or a guitar.’ We set out to prove that and as a result we pushed ourselves in a softer, more intimate direction.” - Crown Lands

The 10-inch record features art designed by Quinn Henderson and stays true to the Crown Lands aesthetic.

* Note: due to the custom die process, the actual vinyl colour may vary from the artist's rendition pictured here

Track listing:

1. Howlin’ Back Again
2.Roving On
3. The Witching Hour
5.No Sympathy